Title Description Duration Open
Beraishit Noach

Beraishit Noach

01:19:35 Open
Parshat Beraishit / Bigday Ohr

Bigday Ohr

01:06:16 Open
Parshat Beraishit / Clothing Of Light

Clothing Of Light

01:06:16 Open
Parshat Beraishit / Clothing The Soul

Clothing The Soul

44:34 Open
Parshat Beraishit / Uniqueness


44:50 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Noach //Was Noach a Righteous Tzaddik?

analysis of what Noach did and did not do when he heard the flood was coming.

47:37 Open
Parshat Noach //Noach's Wife

Genealogy an analysis of the lineage of Noach and Naama

01:12:56 Open
Parshat Noach //Making A Difference

Making A Difference

39:51 Open
Parshat Noach 5772

Noach 5772

01:04:02 Open
Parshat Noach //the Raven and the Dove

Noach Yonah And The Rainbow  The implication of sending the Raven - a midrashic odessy

47:56 Open
Parshat Noach //Sons Of The Powerfull

Sons Of The Powerfull

45:30 Open
Parshat Noach //The Raven

a midrashic analysis of the story of Noach and the Dove and The Raven

01:00:46 Open
Parshat Noach //The Terrible Secret Behind the Tower

5773-What the biblical text suppresses regarding the story of the Tower of Babel

01:01:14 Open
Parshat Noach//What's in a Name

5774- The thought and intrigue behind Noach's name

00:51:42 Open

Lech Lecha

Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Lech Lecha//Becoming Holy

Becoming Holy

01:15:08 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha //The Enlightenment of Avraham

For The Love Of God-the Process of becoming Avraham Avinu

50:37 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha 5772

Parshat Lech Lecha 5772

01:08:57 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha //Revelation


01:19:43 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha //Deconstructing and Reconstructing Abraham

5773-How the various actions of Avraham's life add up to a life of "chesed".

01:09:53 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha //Avraham -From the Universal to the Particular

2005-Avraham's test to change from a universalist to a father of a nation

01:13:34 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha //Love and Fear

Avraham's various relationships with God and his contemporaries

01:09:40 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha //The Development of Avraham

how Abram became Avraham Avinu

00:46:31 Open
Parshat Lech Lecha // Follow the Money

5774- Why Avraham refuses to take money from the king of Sodom (yet takes from others)

00:59:28 Open
Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim. /Lech-Lecha- Making of a Gadol

5775-Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim.

00:55:10 Open
Parchat Lech Lecha / Unraveling the Travels of Avraham

5775-When did Avraham leave his father's home?

01:03:00 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Vayeira // the Elevation of Yitzchak

the Akaida, and the Order and the response of Avraham and Yitzchak

01:08:57 Open
Parshat Vayera 5772

Parshat Vayera 5772

01:19:43 Open
Parshat Vayeira // The Akaida and Resurrection

Did Yitzchak die at the Akaida? an analysis based on midrashim

01:03:12 Open
Parshat Vayeira // Akaidat Yitzchak and Yishmael

Comparison between the expulsion of Yishmael and the Akaida of Yitzchak and lessons for Rosh Hashana

00:56:04 Open
Parshat Vayeira // Welcoming Guests

Does welcoming guests take precedence over the Shechina?

01:05:17 Open
Parshat Vayeira // The Akaida and returning from the Dead

The Akaida and the Haftorah

01:03:12 Open
Parshat Vayeira // Avraham's Vision

5774-Why did God appear to Avraham? where did the vision begin and end?

01:00:56 Open
Parshat Vayeira / After these things...

5775- Uniting the various elements of Parashat Vaera

01:22:00 Open
Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim. / Vayeira / The Akeida Challenge

5775- Rav Ari Kahn's weekly Parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim.

00:51:53 Open
Parshat Vayeira / Never Crossed my Mind

5775-Did God Change His mind? did He ask Avraham to kill Yitzchak?

00:54:31 Open

Chayei Sarah

Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // And Avraham was Blessed with EVERYTHING

the blessings of Avraham; having a daughter - or not having a daughter?

59:33 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah and Toldot

Chayei Sarah Toldot

29:31 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // Chevron


40:56 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // Avraham David and Kingship

 Avraham and David Comparison between Chayei Sarah and the Haftorah

01:01:17 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // A Wedding And A Funeral

 5772 - A Wedding And A Funeral

01:07:06 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // Yitzchak after the Akaida

Where Is Yitzchak , how did the akaida impact Yitzchak? - where was he during his mother's funeral?

01:14:24 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // The Dual Lives of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

5773-The dual lives that each of the patriarchs and matriarchs lived, which explains certain "verbose" section of the text.

00:51:12 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // Be'er l'khai Ro'i -Yitzchak and Yishmael

Why does Yitzchak pray at the well of Yishmael?

01:14:24 Open
Parshat Chayei Sarah // The Servant of Avraham and the Maid of Sarah (1)

5774 -The relationships of Avraham and Eliezer, Sarah and Hagar and the inner conections

01:00:42 Open
Parchat Chayei Sarah / Sarah's Legacy

5775- Was Sarah's job simply to bake chocolate chip cookies for her guests, or was it more than that?

00:56:33 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Toldot / Blessing Of Esav

Blessing Of Esav

47:35 Open
Parshat Toldot / Father And Son

Father And Son

43:36 Open
Parshat Toldot / Yitzchak in The Footsteps of Avraham

Parshat Toldot 5772

01:03:22 Open
Parshat Toldot / Relationship Of Esav And Rivka

Relationship Of Esav And Rivka

44:11 Open
Parshat Toldot / Rivka - the Background of a Mariarch - A Rose among the Thorns

Rivka Meets Yitzchak-The background of Rivka

01:02:59 Open
Parshat Toldot / The Voice and Hands of Yaakov and Esav

the divide and similarities between the sons of Yitzchak and Rivka

01:11:40 Open
Parshat Toldot / The Prophecy of Rivka

5773-Did God speak to Rivka? Did Rivka share her prophecy with Yitzchak?

01:06:20 Open
Parshat Toldot / Raising Esav

5774-Did Yitzchak fail in parenting in his relationship with Esav as claimed by Rav Hirsch? Analysis of the textual evidence

01:01:00 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Vayetzei / Hamakom; The Gateway of Heaven

Hamakom as a reference for God

01:04:36 Open
Parshat Vayetzei / Jacob Becomes Israel

Jacob Becomes Israel

01:12:31 Open
Parshat Vayetzei / Shechem And The Third Temple

Shechem And The Third Temple

49:57 Open
Parshat Vayetzei 5772

Vayetze 5772

01:08:52 Open
Parshat Vayetzei /Why the Jewish people were created by virtue of deception

5773-Why did Leah become Yakov's wife by virtue of deception?Why did Yakov need to steal the brachot?

01:17:13 Open
Parshat Vayetzei / The Ladder of Yakov

2005- The purpose of the ladder

01:11:50 Open
Parshat Vayetzei / Why Did Rachel take the Teraphim

What were the teraphim - and why did Rachel take them?

01:08:42 Open
Parshat Vayetzei // Blessings Revisited

5774-The significance of the revelation Yaakov received under the stars, which blessings he received and which he did not

01:03:03 Open
Parshat Vayetzei / Head in the Clouds Feet on the Ground

5775-The symbolism of the ladder in Yakov's dream in light of the previous parasha

01:14:36 Open
Parshat Vayetzei / Head in the Clouds

5775-The Vision of the Ladder in Yakov's dream

00:52:29 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Vayishlach / All Night

All Night

34:54 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / Encampments/ Yakov Esav and Yosef

How Esav will one day fall to Yosef - and the moral aspect of this defeat

01:03:27 Open
Parshat Vayishlach /Honesty / Struggling with Angels

How Yakov prepares for battle with Esav

47:23 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / Joseph A Flame And Esav Straw/The Ultimate Defeat of Esav (by Yosef)

The connection between the Torah portion and the Haftorah

50:48 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / The Death Of Rachel

Vayishlach 5772 The Death Of Rachel.  Where did Rachel die? Where was she buried? Where is Beit Lechem?

01:09:14 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / Yaacov Needs To Be Yashar/The Name Yisrael

How the name Yisrael is derived

01:11:26 Open
Parshat Vayishlach - Yakov and Yisrael

An attempt to figure out the usage of the two names of the third Patriarch

01:14:00 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / Preparing for Battle

5773-How Yakov prepared to meet up with Esav - and why he was scared? Shiur given with the Gaza conflict in the background

01:08:21 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / Kol and Rav -Michal and Meirav; The Secret Identity of King David

5775-Understanding David's personality - and the link with Yakov

00:57:01 Open
Parshat Vayishlach / Theological Echoes of The Confrontation between Yakov and Esav

5775-How history and theology were impacted by the struggle between Yakov and Esav

01:14:36 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Vayeshev / A Dysfuntional Family

5772 -An analysis of the family dynamic in Yakov's family in order to understand the hatred, and eventual sale of Yosef

01:08:11 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / Prerequisite For Moshiach

Prerequisite For Moshiach

46:07 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / Yehuda and Yosef

The Two Lines Of Moshiach-the stories of Yehuda and Yosef and how they are interwoven in Parshat Vayeshev

52:53 Open
Parshat Vayeishev // Parshat Miketz

Vayeishev : the story of Yosef and the story of Yehuda

Miketz : the role of languages

01:13:24 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / Yosef Chalitzah Metatron

Yosef Chalitzah Metatron

01:00:44 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / And here's to you Mrs Potifar

5773-Yosef's relationship with Mrs Poifar, was he guilty? Why do the sages turn a victim into the guilty?

01:05:08 Open
Parshat Vayeshev and Chanuka

Ketz Bavel - Zerubavel

00:58:54 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / Brotherhood

5774 - To what extent Yosef and Yehudah saw themselves as brothers, and valued brotherhood

01:02:55 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / The Light of Mashiach

5775-Understanding the sale of Yosef in context in sefer Bereishit

00:56:46 Open
Parshat Vayeshev / Anointing a King

5775-Understanding the subtext of the last third of sefer Beresishit, and why the brothers sold Yosef.

01:06:54 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Mikeitz / God Consciousness

5774-Why was Yosef punished with two more years in prison

00:55:57 Open
Why Yosef Never Contacted his Family

5775-Coping with the famous question of the Ramban - why did Yosef never send a letter? Exploring different answers - reading the text carefully

01:20:11 Open
Yosef and his Brothers - Plan A, B and C

5775-What did Yosef hope to accomplish when he met his brothers?

00:57:30 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Vayigash / The Inner Meaning of the Wagons

why did yosef send wagons for his father?

01:04:28 Open
Parshat Vayigash / The merger of Yehudah and Yosef

Kisei David-The Haftorah for Parshat Vayigash

01:07:22 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Prologue To The Exile

Prologue To The Exile

01:17:52 Open
Parshat Vayigash / The Brothers Stand In Front Of Yosef

The Brothers Stand In Front Of Yosef

48:02 Open
Parshat Vayigash / The Sale Of Yosef

The Sale Of Yosef

44:34 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Why Did Yosef Not Contact His Father

Why Did Yosef Not Contact His Father

01:14:18 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Yehuda Becomes The Leader

Yehuda Becomes The Leader

51:50 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Yosef Is Zion

Yosef Is Zion

44:10 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Yosef; Tour Guide of a Guilt Trip

The brilliant moves of Yosef as he takes his brothers down the road to recognition of guilt and repentance.

50:47 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Making Dreams Come True

5773-Did Yosef show respect or disrespect to his father. The commentaries differ - what is pshat?

01:02:54 Open
Parshat Vayigash / The Stature Of Yosef

The Stature of Yosef in Egypt - was he a slave or a ruler?

01:04:33 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Honesty and Empathy

Yehuda's speech he delivers to Yosef; and the underlying motifs and motive

00:40:49 Open
Parshat Vayigash / Brothers and Others

5775-What really bothered Yosef during the entire separation from his brothers

00:52:34 Open
Escaping from Yosef's Trap

5775-What Yosef was trying to accomplish in his showdown with his brothers

00:53:01 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Vayechi / Aspect Of Eternity

Aspect Of Eternity

01:04:02 Open
Parshat Vayechi / Death


44:51 Open
Parshat Vayechi / Did Yosef Hate His Brothers

5772- The relationship between Yosef and his brothers after the death of Yakov. Did Yakov ever know about the sale?

01:04:03 Open
Parshat Vayechi / Revelation and Confusion

5773-Yakov's words on his deathbed

48:41 Open
Parshat Vayechi / Saying The Shema

Saying The Shema

36:40 Open
Parshat Vayechi / The Deaths of Yakov and Esav

In the end they were both buried in one day - the role of Chushim

56:46 Open
Parshat Vayechi / The Order Of The Brachot

The Order Of The Brachot

01:05:36 Open
Parshat Vayechi / Yosef An Extension Of Yaacov

Yosef An Extension Of Yaacov

01:11:12 Open
Parshat Vayechi /Yosef and Shechem; did Yakov ever know about the Sale of Yosef

5773-What is the meaning of the word Shechem? Did Yakov ever learn about the sale of Yosef?

00:54:20 Open
Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim. / Vayechi /Losing Prophecy

5775-The drama behind Yaakov losing his clairvoyance

00:59:25 Open
Parshat Vayechi / Take Me Home

5775-The Complexity of the character of Yosef as seen in the final chapters of Bereishit

00:53:48 Open