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01:03:08 Open
A new King - who Forgot Yosef

5772 -analysis of the identity of the new king - the concept of knowledge being in exile

01:08:35 Open
Recreating The World

Recreating The World

45:01 Open
Regaining Inoccence

Regaining Inoccence

47:07 Open
Shmot Moshes Delay Vaeira Burning Bush

Shmot Moshes Delay Vaeira Burning Bush

01:17:19 Open
Straw Matan

Straw Matan

01:05:33 Open


01:00:33 Open
The Development Of Moshe

The Development Of Moshe

49:30 Open
The Leadership Of Moshe

The Leadership Of Moshe

39:12 Open
Shmot - a Brief Overview What Is FREEDOM

  An overview of Sefer Shmot utilizing the insights of the Ramban

36:36 Open
Why Moshe Was Chosen

Why Moshe Was Chosen

01:04:22 Open
Sefer Shmot and the Confusing Chronology

The giving of "testimony" to the people, and the sequence of events in Sefer Shmot,

01:07:21 Open
Who Forgot - and Who Remembered Yosef?

5773-To what extent does the Yosef story reverberate in the beginning of the book of Shmot?

00:57:54 Open
The Metamorphosis of Moshe

the metamorphosis of Moshe from prince to shepherd to leader

00:44:10 Open
The Choice of Moshe as Leader

If the Jews were saved because they retained their language clothing and speech - then why was Moshe their "savior"?

00:48:00 Open
Parshat Shmot / A Sign Of Redemption

5774-What sign was passed on as an indication of the redemption, and what were its origins? The role of Serach bet Asher

00:53:28 Open
Parshat Shmot / The Redeemers

5775-Those who helped the Jews leave Egypt - including the righteous women and Moshe.

01:10:39 Open


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The Plague of "Frogs" and Kiddush Hashem

One big frog or many frogs? the story of frogs and self sacrifice. Frogs Rabbi Akiva and martyrdom.

01:07:46 Open
Knowledge In Exile

The Haftorah

51:25 Open
Moshe And Aharon

5772-The interaction between Moshe and Aharon

01:09:24 Open
The four Expression of Redemption and the Brit Bein Habitarim

The Four Cups Of Wine MATAN an analysis of the four expressions of redemption

01:03:27 Open
The Four Cups Of Wine

The Four Cups Of Wine

47:23 Open
The Staff

The Staff

45:35 Open
The Exodus and Elusive Perfection

 5769-Why wasn't the Exodus the final chapter in Jewish History?

55:46 Open
The Haftorah for Vaera - the exile of Knowledge

the objective of knowing God, and the exile of lack of knowledge of God

00:57:04 Open
Parshat Vaeira / Deserving Freedom

Why did things need to get worse before they got better - before leaving Egypt. The Role of Am Yisrael in the Exodus

00:57:16 Open
Parshat Vaeira / Moshe's Inspiration

5775-How Yosef served as the inspiration for Moshe

01:20:05 Open
Parshat Vaeira / Loosing Our Religion

5775-Did the Jews have a reason to expect God to keep the Covenant and take them out of Egypt

01:04:35 Open
Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim/ Vaeira/Manifestation of Hashem's Names

5775-Rav Ari Kahn's weekly parsha shiur at Sha'alvim.

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Parshat Bo / Did Leaving Egypt Include Deception 5772

Why was Moshe told to ask for a trip of only three days?

01:07:25 Open
Parshat Bo / Rebbi Yehuda gave Simanim

the grouping of the plagues in order to discern a larger structure and the overall plan

01:13:20 Open
Parshat Bo / In Order To Tell Our Children

In Order To Tell Our Children

01:15:54 Open
Parshat Bo / Polemic Against Egyptian Beliefs

Polemic Against Egyptian Beliefs

59:56 Open
Parshat Bo / In The Middle Of The Night

In The Middle Of The Night

57:40 Open
Parshat Bo / The Plagues

The Plagues

38:55 Open
Parshat Bo / Transcending Time Space And Matter

Transcending Time Space And Matter

49:46 Open
Parshat Bo / The wickedness of the wicked son; a textual analysis

5773-What brought the commentaries and and Midrashim to conclude that the question "Ma Avodah Hazot lchem" was asked by a wicked son?

00:53:38 Open
Parshat Bo / Around Midnight

why the plague needed to take place at night -an understanding of the makkot keeping an eye on some Egyptian mythology

00:59:04 Open
Parshat Bo / Eclipsing the Sun God

5775-The political and theological significance of the plagues

00:57:59 Open


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Parshat Beshalach / Doubt


43:41 Open
Parshat Beshalach / Faith And Prayer

Faith And Prayer

50:11 Open
Parshat Beshalach / Crossing the Sea; a people divided

5773-did we cross as one unified people? a textual analysis of the verses leading up to a following the crossing of the sea

01:04:09 Open
Parshat Beshalach / Purification


01:11:13 Open
Parshat Beshalach / Lessons along the way

The lessons learned during the various trial and tribulations as the Jews made their was in the desert and headed to Sinai

00:54:38 Open
Parshat Beshalach According to the Vilna Gaon

an explanation of Parshat Bshalacha according to a number of Kabbalistic insights of the Vilna Gaon, including an explanation of Chad Gadya.

01:09:53 Open
Parshat Beshalach / Pharaoh's Responses to the Plagues

Which plagues impacted the Egyptians and the Jews?

00:44:34 Open
Parshat Beshalach / Miracles and Song

5775-What was the real miracle at the Sea? Is is ok to celebrate the demise of our enemies?

01:02:19 Open


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Accepting The Word Of God

Accepting The Word Of God

47:21 Open
The Logic of the Commandments

Were the 10 commandments logical or a question of faith

01:03:06 Open
No I Will Not Yes I Will Not

No I Will Not Yes I Will Not

40:06 Open
Yitro Mishpatim

Yitro Mishpatim

01:16:48 Open
Yitro The Potential Convert

Yitro The Potential Convert

40:05 Open
Revealing the Revelation

5773-Why does Parshat Yitro and Shavuot have two different Haftorot - and what is each trying to communicate?

00:57:07 Open
Parshat Yitro / When Did Yitro Arrive

The arrival of Yitro is not easily placed chronologically; where it is found in the Torah - an analysis of the position put forth by Rashi

01:01:49 Open


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Accepting The Torah Being United

Accepting The Torah Being United

35:29 Open
Eye For An Eye

is an "eye for an eye" money?

47:54 Open
Purim Pesach Yom Kippur

Purim Pesach Yom Kippur

48:40 Open
Parshat Mishpatim / When were the Mishpatim Taught

understanding the sequence of events from Yitro through Mishpatim

01:00:00 Open
Parshat Mishpatim / Law and Philosophy

5775-In what way is the Parasha of Mishpatim a continuation of the 10 Commandments

00:57:52 Open
Parshat Mishpatim / Holding on to the Altar

5775-the interrelationship between the man to man and man to God laws

00:57:22 Open


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ADAR AND NISSAN / When Adar Starts - the Joy Begins

connecting - joy, Sin, Purim Yom Kippur and the Mishkan

46:39 Open
A Time Of Innocence

A Time Of Innocence

38:37 Open
Building A Mikdash 5772

Building A Mikdash 5772

01:03:32 Open
Keruvim and Intimacy with God

The Mishkan as a place for intimacy with God

45:57 Open
Physical Form Of A Spiritual Vision

Physical Form Of A Spiritual Vision

44:27 Open
Terumah Tetzaveh

Terumah Tetzaveh

01:19:05 Open
The Beit Hamikdash Shel Malah

The Beit Hamikdash Shel Malah

01:00:35 Open
The Golden Calf Mishkan And Merkava

analysis of the connection between the Golden Calf, Mishkan and the Merkavah

58:11 Open
Sefer Shmot and the Confusing Chronology

5773-The giving of "testimony" to the people, and the sequence of events in Sefer Shmot,

01:07:21 Open
Parshat Trumah / Building Holiness

Explores how the holiness of the Mishkan is a continuation of previous expressions of holiness.

1:00:21 Open
Parshat Trumah / The Mishkan; A temporary Abode

Had there not been a sin of the Golden Calf would there still have been a Mikdash - according to rashi?

00:58:27 Open
Parshat Trumah / Seeing the Beit Hamikdash from Above

5775-The connection between the view of Moshe of Sinai and of Yaakov of the ladder

00:55:20 Open
Weekly parsha shiur at Yeshivat Sha'alvim/ trumah/Regaining Innocence

5775-The Symbolism of the Keruvim

00:53:41 Open


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Adam And Eve

Adam And Eve

41:15 Open
Aharon Hakohen

Aharon Hakohen

45:37 Open
Haftorah The Firstborn

Haftorah The Firstborn

01:02:20 Open
Kimu Vekiblu Matan

Kimu Vekiblu Matan

57:22 Open
The Secret Behind the Choice of Aharon

 5772-why was Aharon chosen?

56:11 Open


57:21 Open
The Awe Of The Mishkan

The Awe Of The Mishkan

41:20 Open
Zachor Purim Story

Zachor Purim Story

52:13 Open
Remembering and Understanding the war against Amalek

5773-A comparison of the two Amalek sections in the Torah including the larger contexts

01:10:51 Open
Parshat Tetzaveh / A Heart of Gold

What was special about the clothing of the Kohen Gadol?

00:56:31 Open

Ki Tisa

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Parshat Ki Tisa / Going Back To Prior Knowledge

Going Back To Prior Knowledge

41:38 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / Neshama Yetera

Neshama Yetera

41:47 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / Purim And Receiving The Torah

Purim And Receiving The Torah

46:01 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / The Glow On Moshes Face

The Glow On Moshes Face

01:17:35 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / The Merkava Experience

The Merkava Experience

44:26 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / The Golden Calf and Aharon's Culpability

to what extent is Ahron responsible for the sin of the Golden Calf, was his selection prior to this sin or after

01:01:21 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / “And Out Came This Calf …” Who Is Responsible For The Golden Calf

analysis of the dual narrative of the sin of the Golden Calf

01:06:56 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / The Calf, the Bull and the Cow

From the Golden Calf to the Chariot of Yechezkel to the Red Heifer

00:44:26 Open
Parshat Ki Tisa / Sounds of War

What did Yehoshua hear as the Golden Calf was being worshiped?

01:03:31 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Shabbat; Spritual Rehabilitation

Why was Shabbat the first law taught after the sin of the Golden Calf

58:52 Open
Vayakhel Pikudei

Vayakhel Pikudei

38:16 Open
The Holy Am Haaretz

5773-The laws of Shabbat as understood by the ignorant and how this crept into Jewish practice according to the Netziv

01:14:03 Open
Shabbat Creation Kabbala and Infinity

explores the relationship between building the Mishkan and Shabbat

01:10:42 Open
Parshat Vayakhel / Inadequacy

Why are two melachot singled out in this week's parasha

00:49:00 Open


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A prayer of Moshe

the complexity involved in humans trying to build something holy

01:00:02 Open
Making the Ark, Building the Mishkan

The only job Betzalel did himself was the Ark - why?

01:04:12 Open
Parshat Pekudai /The Role of Dan - past present and future

What is the significance between the merger between Bezalel from Yehudah and Ohaliav from Dan

00:58:44 Open