Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Dvarim / Belief in God's Words

Total belief will help us fight battles

49:08 Open
Parshat Dvarim / Passion

a person is what they value

41:12 Open
Parshat Dvarim / Moshe's words

reconciling  the discourse in parshat Devarim with same topic in other sections of  the Torah

01:01:53 Open
Parshat Dvarim / Dynamics of Prayer

Moses's Prayer

01:19:27 Open


Title Description Duration Open
The Shema

Vaetchanan 5767

01:07:26 Open
Uplifting the generation

Moshe teaches the new generation about to enter the promised land

44:37 Open
The Sabbath

Zachor v Shamor

01:16:37 Open
The Shma

Aish Lecture

47:17 Open
Parshat Vaetchanan / The Sh'ma

Sh'ma and the Shechina

01:07:27 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Ekev / God Consciousness

creating a God Consciousness through blessings

33:53 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Shoftim / Pursuit of Truth


45:50 Open
Parshat Shoftim / Compromise

creating a moral society through justice and compromise

38:06 Open
Parshat Shoftim / Pragmatism

5774-Some examples in Parshat Shoftim of nuanced pragmatic thinking

00:56:11 Open
Parshat Shoftim / Kings and Judges

he politic in Israel, the role of Kings, Judges and the role of the police....and how all of this may lead to mixed dancing (including the elusive source...)

01:06:07 Open
Parshat Shoftim / Between Blood and Blood

The types of killing in Parashat Shoftim, and the Biblical antecedents

00:49:57 Open

Ki Tetzei

Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Ki Tetzi / Captive Wives Rebellious Sons and Palace Intrigue

The relations ship between the laws in Shoftim and Kitetzie and the workings of King David's palace

01:13:28 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / When great soldiers go to war

Capturing and redeeming great souls

41:33 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / YETZER HARA

finding abilities to work against the yetzer hara

51:54 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / Repentance

Man must think in terms of consequences

39:31 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / Thorns and Thistles

Developing Yirat Elokim

46:11 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / Pretty Woman

5774-How to see the process of the captive woman as a strategy

00:58:02 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / When a Millstone is NOT a Millstone

Suspected sexual symbolism in the parasha

00:52:10 Open
Parshat Ki Tetzei / Consequences

how both positive and negative actions lead to other positive and negative behaviors in Parashat Ki Teitze

00:48:56 Open

Ki Tavo

Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Ki Tavo /Amalek ///Parshat Nitzavim/Mutual responsibility

Ki Tavo and Nitzavim

01:21:24 Open
Parshat Ki Tavo / Coming Home

The connection between the building of the stones and the curses in Parshat ki Tavo

01:07:02 Open
Parshat Kitavo / The Joy in Mitzvot

having God consciousness

49:54 Open
Parshat Ki Tavo / Bikurim and History

message of the Bikurim , historical perspective

43:14 Open
Parshat Ki Tavo / Sukkot - a time for Joy

the connection between sukkot and joy

48:14 Open
Parshat Ki Tavo / Happiness is the Truth

Happiness as seen in the Torah

01:00:30 Open
Parshat Ki Tavo / The First (Forbidden) Fruit

How is the Mitzvah of Bikkurim a Tikkun of the "original sin" in Eden?

54:16 Open
Parshat Ki Tavo / Return to Eden

Bikkurim and Gan Eden

01:00:37 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Parshat Nitzavim // Returning To God

dynamics of Teshuva

47:43 Open
Parshat Nitzavim /Teshuvah

Teshuvah, Rosh Hashannah, Coronating God as King

returning to God and God returning to the land

48:19 Open
Parshat Nitzavim // Becoming a Nation

Transferring leadership from Moshe to Yoshua / Transferring responsibility from Moshe to the entire nation / Bringing light to the world

41:44 Open
Parshat Nitzavim / Getting Back to the Garden

5774-The objective and texture of Teshuva in the end of Sefer Dvarim according to various opinions including Ramban, Seforno, Netziv Rav Yonatan Eybshitz and the Rambam

01:05:36 Open
Parshat Nitzavim at SHA'ALVIM

Rav Ari Kahn's weekly parsha shiur at Sha'alvim.

00:54:32 Open
Parshat Nitzavim / Rewriting History

How the collective called Knesset Yisrael creates a new identity which transcends time

01:02:54 Open
Mutual Responsibility

How Jews are responsible for one another - and why the law begins in the Land of Israel

00:50:42 Open


Title Description Duration Open
Vayelech Hazinu

Vayelech Hazinu

01:19:13 Open


40:09 Open


Title Description Duration Open


41:32 Open

Vzot Habracha

Title Description Duration Open
Vezot Habracha

Vezot Habracha

40:07 Open
Truth takes a beating

An analysis on the last three words of the Torah

00:46:11 Open